The Autonomous Delivery Challenge

San Diego State University provides students with a senior design project that emphasizes industry standard practices and helps students better understand how projects are completed before exiting their undergraduate degree. Students implement previous knowledge from courses, and apply those skills in a simulated industry environment.

Our design challenge is to design a completely autonomous device that is capable of delivering objects to multiple GPS target locations and returning. The challenge includes competing against other devices, avoiding collisions with objects, detection and processing of RF signals, and color detection. To complete this challenge, our team chose to use a land-based vehicle capable of driving the objects to the targets while using sensors to coordinate position, objects in a direct path, RF proximity detection, and color sensing. The Robotic Autonomous Carrier System delivers just that!

The course shown above will be used to help design our device and will ultimately be used in the competition between other devices. The competition involves two phases. Phase one will require our vehicle to deliver to three different locations. Specifications require us to deliver the target within 2 minutes of starting the delivery route, deliver the objects within a distance, and return. Phase two will require our vehicle to deliver to one 'active' target as fast as possible, essentially racing the other devices.