Team M.A.C.S

Connor Zablow - Computer Engineering

Connor is full time Computer Engineering student at San Diego State University. SDSU has given him a wide range of experience in programming languages, circuit design/testing, computer architecture, digital design, and several other topics. He will be graduating from SDSU in Spring of 2017, with a B.S. in Computer Engineering. He plans on continuing his education through a graduate program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, seeking a M.S. in Computer Science. As website designer, he is responsible for the design of this website. Other responsiblilties includes programming, debugging, circuit design/verification, and testing. This project will help to build on skills gained throughout his time at SDSU, and familiarize with team work experience needed for industry.

Blake King - Electrical Engineering

Blake is a graduating Electrical Engineering major and serves as the secretary of M.A.C.S.. His emphasis is in power engineering, and Blake currently works as an Electrical Project Engineer for an electrical contractor in San Ysidro. While Blake’s emphasis on power does not transfer directly to M.A.C.S., he has found the mechanical/electrical coordination to be of interest and has focused primarily on the payload storage and delivery actuator. Blake hopes to use the knowledge and network he’s gained at San Diego State to propel him forward in an ever changing environment, if you have any questions about the payload storage and delivery- ask him!

Anthony Wulfekuhle - Electrical Engineering

Anthony is originally from a small farm town in Northeast Iowa and has been in Southern California since 2006. He is a 9 year veteran of the United States Navy where he served as a Nuclear Electrician aboard the USS Jefferson City submarine as well as a recruiter here in the San Diego area. After his graduation, planned for December 2017, he hopes to work in the San Diego area in the design, power, or embedded systems fields. This summer he will be interning in communication systems with Northrop Grumman.

Taylor Roscoe - Electrical Engineering

Taylor is a highly driven, self-motivated, enthusiastic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Senior at SDSU. After graduating from Cheraw High School in 2007 Taylor spent 5 years in the USMC as an Avionics Technician on CH-53E Super Stallions. His major interest are in Control Theory and Communications although he currently holds a position as an Electrical Design Intern with Fortune 500 Company AECOM Inc. Taylor enjoys spending his free time on the golf course with friends and hiking with his wife Kaetlyne.

Jessica Romio - Computer Engineering

Jessica is a student at San Diego State University and a San Diego native. She will be graduating this spring with a BS in Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. After a long awaited graduation, she plans to continue working at BAE Systems, where she currently works in the Cybersecurity field. She expects to carry her newly gained knowledge and experience from senior design into the workforce after school. In her free time she enjoys reading and playing with her dog, Gus.

Edgar Ramirez - Electrical Engineering

Edgar comes from a small town in the Imperial Valley. He strived to become a well-balanced engineer by studying a broad spectrum of fields including power, communications, and RF; not being afraid to take the long road as long as he knew the end was fruitful. A do-it-yourselfer by heart, Edgar is always seeking new practical knowledge to teach himself, aiding him when looking at problems and engineering practical solutions to share with the world. Recently, Edgar interned in the Imperial Irrigation District in the power transmission sector and aims to become a power engineer—all while tinkering in a workbench on the side where he plans to build gadgets of his own design and one day his own electric vehicles.

Sejin Chang - Electrical Engineering

Sejin is originally from South Korea and pursed his life in San Diego ever since 2002. After serving in Korean military, he contiunued his academic career in SDSU. Besides his academic career, Sejin is currently working at Material Solution Inc., managing international trading in engineering plastic, especially polystyrene field. He is also working at Ace Tech as a low-voltage technician and project coordinator.

Roger Castillejos - Electrical Engineering

Roger is a highly motivated electrical engineering student that strives to solve problems through innovation. He has developed a wide range of skills by chosing to divide his studies to include both hardware and software systems. Roger is currently conducting research with a start up company Nousmetrix, which focuses on biomedical sensors in space applications. His main interests are in biometric sensors and cybersecurity which is an area he is looking to pursue a career in after graduating.

Ryan Caganap - Computer Engineering

Ryan is a Computer Engineering student at San Diego State University. He’s spent his early college time discovering all that SDSU has to offer academically, exploring different majors from Kinesiology to International Security and Conflict Resolution before finally finding a home in Computer Engineering. The long and winding college journey has taught him that there is so much to learn out in the world. Realizing the power and omnipresence of computers has built a foundation for his love of Computer Engineering. With graduation fast approaching on May of 2017 the learning is ongoing and will continue even after. With plans of gaining experience out in the working field and possibly pursuing further education in a Master’s degree.

Marqus Patton - Computer Engineering

Marqus was born in Paradise, that is Paradise, CA. He shortly move to San Diego when he has lived there since. He graduated from Mira Mesa High School in 2012. Since then he has been studying Computer Engineering at SDSU. While at SDSU he was apart of the National Society of Black Engineers where he was the Volunteers Chair, Publications Chair, Senator, President and President Emeritus. He was also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Student Life and Leadership and the Alliance 4 Commuter Involvement. He also Interned at Northrop Grumman and ThermoFisher Scientific. When he is not busy doing these things he is busy having fun and enjoy his life.